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Flashing Ghost Atto/Zepto RX's

Target: GHOST_ATTO_2400_RX_via_STLINK

Flashing the Ghost RX's is currently a 1 WAY flash once you flash ExpressLRS to these RX's you will not be able to use them with Ghost TX. You will need a StLink V2 to flash the RX's

  1. Wire 3.3v, GND, CLK, and DIO to their respective pins on the RX from the StLink.
  2. Select the GHOST_ATTO_2400_via_STLINK target.
  3. Set your Firmware Options and click on Build and Flash.
  4. Connect your receiver to your Flight Controller as normal (i.e. Rx to Tx, and Tx to Rx);

Subsequent Firmware Updates can now be done using via_BetaflightPassthrough target.