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Obsolete Defines

This page contains old user_defines.txt that have been removed or superseded by new defines.

New items should be added to the top of the list so the last entry here is the oldest. The order of each entry should be [code]definename[/code] followed by the original text of the documentation, ending with a separate paragraph "REMOVED [version] [replacement or reason for removal]".

Obsolete Defines

Option that adds faster initial syncing, by changing how long the receiver waits for a connection in each mode while not connected. This option is now the default, but disabling it can help syncing at lower packet rates (50Hz and below).

REMOVED 1.0.0-RC2 initial sync replaced with a full FHSS period wait

REMOVED 1.0.0-RC1 replaced with generic -DUNLOCK_HIGHER_POWER

If you are using a different channel than the default you need to edit 🔥 (or you may not be able to gain sync safely - default is listed in #DARM_CHANNEL as AUX1 which is Channel 5).

NB This feature assumes that a low value of the arm switch is disarmed, and a high value is armed. If you have the arm switch reversed it will not work correctly and the link won't be established. For this reason it may be best not to enable no sync on arm when you are first setting up ExpressLRS as it can be a source of confusion.

REMOVED 1.0.0-RC1 AUX1 is always the arm switch now, no longer configurable

LOCK_ON_50HZ locks the RX at 50Hz mode from the powerup. (Only recommended for longrange, and partly redundant with previous feature.) Merged in Pull 143

REMOVED 1.0.0-RC1 not sure why this was removed