Wifi Updating

  1. Build your fimware and locate your firmware.bin file (this may be named something else if someone built it for you but that's fine)
  2. Put your device in Wi-Fi updating mode 📶
    a. For TX, open LUA script on the handset and select "Wi-Fi Update"
    b. For RX, power the receiver by plugging in a battery or USB and wait for LED to be blinking fast 🙈
  3. Connect to the Wi-Fi network from your computer with the password expresslrs
    Note 1: Some receivers have very weak Wi-Fi antennas so they will have to be extremely close to the computer's Wi-Fi antenna.
    Note 2: If a window pops up automatically when you connect to the Wi-Fi , close it and use a regular browser window instead.
  4. Open a browser tab and navigate to
  5. Click "Choose File"
  6. Select firmware.bin from your latest build(eg: ...ExpressLRS\src.pio\build\[target]\firmware.bin)
  7. Click "Update"
  8. Wait for the page to refresh and your URL bar to say (it'll look like the page is frozen for a bit)
  9. WAIT AT LEAST 10 SECONDS after the page refreshes indicating the upload is complete. It takes time for the firmware to flash after the upload, so do not pull the power until you see activity on the LED of the device or you will soft brick your device due to pulling power mid-flash.

Done! You now have the latest version of ELRS on your hardware. Go Fly! 🚁