Flashing Jumper R9 Mini



  • Jumper_RX_R900MINI_via_STLINK
  • Jumper_RX_R900MINI_via_BetaflightPassthrough

Disable 'Readout Protection'. To do this download the ST-LINK Utility and follow this quick how to video. Or alternatively under linux you can use OpenOCD.

Using the correct target specific for your receiver, and your Firmware Options set, click Build & Flash on the ExpressLRS Configurator.

R900 wiring diagram

After the flash is successful, desolder the STLink and connect RX2 and TX2 (you will need to solder on the STM32 pins, see picture) to a flight controller and setting up the receiver with the CRSF serial protocol, the Jumper_RX_R900MINI_via_BetaflightPassthrough target may now be used for future firmware.