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DIY Receiver


Custom Hardware

Possibly one of the biggest benefits of using ExpressLRS is custom hardware!

Custom ESP 2.4 GHz RX

20x20 RX

20x20 RX

  • 20x20 footprint and uses 0805 size SMD components. SMD components have been positioned on the PCB in a soldering iron friendly way. 🚸

RX Nano


  • The ELRS Nano RX is 18mm x 11mm and uses the same pinout as the Crossfire Nano RX. This allows for direct mounting to compatible flight controllers. ⚠️ This PCB uses 0402 SMD components and will require a hot air rework station and probably a microscope. 🔬

Custom ESP 900 MHz RX

900 Mini 20x20 900 RX esp01F 900 RX

  • Uses the ESP-01F for WiFi and a RFM95 for our business 🕴️
  • Requires ordering PCBs from Gerber files, a regulator chip, a few passives, a ESP-01F and a RFM95 (915/868MHz)
  • Multiple RX PCB designs are available
    • 20x20 RX
      • discrete SMD antenna for Wifi and RF directly soldered to PCB
      • Target DIY_900_RX_ESP8285_SX127x_via_UART
    • 20x20 RX 0805 - easier to build due to bigger SMD parts. PCB antenna for Wifi and u.fl connector for RF
    • Mini RX - the smallest form factor, lightest weight and lowest cost per PCB
  • If you need help soldering, please check out this video

Flashing Custom RX

Before you start

  • The steps for building are in each individual for the RX of your choice
  • If you are using an ESP-12F instead of ESP-01F it is recommended to follow this tutorial but use the appropriate RX target 🧑‍🏫

Get it flashed

  • Connect the serial adapter to GND, TX, RX, and the appropriate 3V3 or 5V.
  • Additionally, connect IO0 to GND to activate the bootloader and enable flashing
  • Quite some serial adapters have TX and RX swapped, mislabeled, or both 😸. Please double-check!
  • Finally, select the appropriate RX target, make sure your user defines are correct, and press Upload in PlatformIO