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Advance Technical Info

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This page explain the more technical side for debugging things yourself.

LUA Status

In normal state, the top right corner of the LUA will display - or C for RX connection status. in Warning or Critical Warning, the top right corner of the LUA will display a number to debug. As the LUA title will only show the current most critical warning only.

Converting the number on the top right corner to bits, you can decode the on going warnings.

Bit Status Solution
0 RX connection status connect a RX with TLM ratio other than Off
1 Reserved Status
2 Model Mismatch Warning set ModelMatch to Off or Select/Set the correct Model ID
3 Armed Status LUA should be closed to maximize sent Stick Command
4 Reserved Warning
5 Not While Connected Do not change this parameter when connected to a RX
6 Reserved Critical Warning
7 Reserved Critical Warning

DEBUG Logging

Defines Description
-DDEBUG_LOG Turn on debug messages, if disabled then all debugging options (starting with DEBUG_) are disabled
-DDEBUG_LOG_VERBOSE Use DEBUG_LOG_VERBOSE instead (or both) to see verbose debug logging (spammy stuff)
-DDEBUG_RX_SCOREBOARD Print a letter for each packet received or missed (RX debugging)
-DDEBUG_CRSF_NO_OUTPUT Don't send RC messages over UART
-DDEBUG_BF_LINK_STATS These debugging options send extra information to Betaflight in the LinkStatistics packet