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IMRC Ghost


  • Targets:

    • GHOST_2400_TX_via_STLINK
    • GHOST_2400_TX_LITE_via_STLINK
  • Device Category:

    • ImmersionRC Ghost
  • Device:

    • GHOST 2400 TX
    • GHOST 2400 TX LITE

via STLink

Flashing via STLink

Initial Flash

Here is a 10 minute video, showing the steps required to both flash the TX if you would rather watch than read:

Flashing the Ghost TX's is currently a 1 WAY flash once you flash ExpressLRS to the TX you will not be able to use it with stock Ghost RX's (running stock firmware, they will work while running ELRS). You will need a StLink V2 to flash the TX

Wire 3.3v, GND, CLK, and DIO to their respective pins on your part from the StLink. (You can power with the StLink but in the first two image the radio is used to power the module).


Output/Input antennas of the TX


Updating can be done by building an updated version on the configurator and then flashing the firmware.bin file using OpenTX.